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8 WhatsApp tricks to discover a cheating partner



WhatsApp tricks you should know to discover a cheater.

WhatsApp is one of the main applications that reveal if your partner is unfaithful to you, although before it was more accessible to find out because, perhaps, they did not take the same measures as now, there are tricks with which it will be easy to surprise your partner being unfaithful

We know that trust is of the utmost importance in a relationship, as well as respect for the privacy of both, including their social networks.


But… Have you noticed that your partner acts differently and you have strong suspicions that they are hiding something? The most advisable thing is that you talk and tell him what you feel, communication is something very important, but if this does not work and your perception does not change, then give these WhatsApp tricks a little check that will help you discover an infidelity.

1. Discover a cheating partner on WhatsApp- Check the storage

Checking your WhatsApp storage at discretion. How? You have to open the app first and then go to ‘ Settings ‘; Click on ‘ Data and Storage ‘ and followed by ‘ Storage Usage ‘.

This will show the conversations with which your partner has spent more storage and data, regardless of whether they have already been deleted.


2. Discover infidelity on WhatsApp- Seen off 

It removed the ‘ seen ‘ option from WhatsApp , so it can make you believe that it hasn’t actually opened your messages… or someone else’s.

It is not necessary to check the cel, with the simple fact that you check your conversation and our messages do not appear in seen, that is, the famous blue popcorn.

3. Discover infidelity on WhatsApp- Your last connection time does not appear

Currently in relationships there are many conflicts because their last connection was after the time they spoke, or because they do not answer but their connection says that they were already online , that usually generates a conflict in the relationship, no matter how simple it sounds or reads .


So if he hides his last hookup, he’s probably hiding something or staying up late talking to someone and it’s not you.

4. Discover infidelity on WhatsApp- Archived conversations

discover infidelity on WhatsApp

Many times when you see your partner’s WhatsApp , you take a look at the conversations that are in the main bar, forgetting about the conversations that could be in ‘Filed Messages’ . So the next time you take a look at your partner’s cell phone, the first place you go is there. 

5. Pause the app

whatsapp tricks

A trick that infidels usually use is to stop the WhatsApp app and thus your partner will prevent them from receiving a message when they are with you, this will help you realize because if you or someone else sends a message, only the first checkmark of ‘sent’ will appear  but not the second of ‘received’ .

6. Conversations in silence

To prevent an unexpected message from coming to him and you being able to read it, the best trick is to mute the conversations you don’t want to appear on your notification bar so that you can only see them when you open the app.

7. Put the option not to download the images

Can you imagine that when you open your gallery you see the evidence of infidelity? For this reason, it deactivates the function that the photos and videos that you receive by WhatsApp are automatically downloaded and you can only see them until you enter the conversation and decide whether to save them or not.


8. You need your fingerprint to enter WhatsApp

The security measures that WhatsApp has taken , more than security , has helped many infidels to get out of trouble.

If you do not doubt your partner, it is better that you do not try and continue with your relationship as normal.




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One thing you do that kills your relationship all the time – Phubbing



Phubbing and relationship killer

Phubbing is it! Derived from Phone + Snubbing. See how the use of your mobile phones ruin your relationships continually and leaves you wondering what just happened again.

Many of us including me have been there, we just get so addicted to Candy Crush, Whatsapp messaging and all sorts on our phones. We do not exercise restraint when screen time is running into hours unending. We choose to remain in an unreal world of fantasy while our relationships continue to suffer in silence.

This is Phubbing and it is a relationship killer. See what it is all about and how you can prevent it as you continue to read this evergreen article which was originally published by TIME Magazine.


Whether you know it or not, you’ve been phubbed.

“Phubbing” — snubbing someone you’re talking to to look at a cell phone  may not be part of your everyday vocabulary, but it’s almost certainly part of your everyday life. Just think about how often a conversation stalls because your friends (or you) have pulled out a phone and descended into an Instagram black hole.

The phenomenon may seem like a relatively harmless, if annoying, part of modern life, but research is finding that it may be hurting your relationships. “Ironically, phubbing is meant to connect you, presumably, with someone through social media or texting,” says Emma Seppälä, a psychologist at Stanford and Yale universities and author of the Happiness Track. “But it actually can severely disrupt your present-moment, in-person relationships.”


Here’s what else you need to know about phubbing.

Phubbing makes you feel less connected

Several studies have shown that phubbing makes face-to-face interactions less meaningful. A paper just published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that even people who imagined they were being phubbed while viewing a simulated conversation felt more negatively about the interaction than people who didn’t picture phubbing. Another, published in Computers in Human Behavior in 2016, found that texting during a conversation made the talk less satisfying for the people having it, compared to people who interacted without phones. A 2012 study even found that the mere presence of a cell phone during a conversation — even if no one was using it — was enough to make people feel less connected to each other.

Phubbing can hurt your mental health

In the latest study on the subject, phubbing was found to threaten four “fundamental needs” — belongingness, self-esteem, meaningful existence and control — by making phubbed people feel excluded and ostracized. That may be particularly harmful because phubbing happens all the time, the researchers say.


Other research has shown that phubbing can affect relationships. Two separate recent studies found that when spouses phub each other, they’re more likely to experience depression and lower marital satisfaction. “If your life partner is on the phone, that means that they are prioritizing something else over you in those moments of togetherness,” and that hurts, says Seppälä, who was not involved with the research.

Phubbing isn’t good for anyone

Of course, the person being snubbed is the one most hurt by phubbing. But the phubber is affected, too.

A February study found that people who used their phones while eating with friends or family said they enjoyed their meal less and felt more distracted and less engaged than those who didn’t use tech at the table. A follow-up experiment found that phone use may make face-to-face interactions away from the table less enjoyable, too.


Phubbing may also hurt your reputation. “Phone users are generally seen as less polite and attentive—and as poorer conversationalists,” Seppälä says.

Perhaps most important is that phubbing may be a sign of problematic technology use. Many experts consider a device habit worrisome when it begins to interfere with everyday life, and feeling compelled to text or scroll through the phone during face-to-face conversations may fit that bill.



“You might miss critical impacts of human moments that really make up what a human life is,” Seppälä says. “It’s really scary that we’re replacing that with looking down at a screen.”

But you can stop phubbing

If you’re a chronic phubber, creating and following strict technology rules, such as putting your phone away while eating dinner, can help you form new habits, Seppälä says. Other attention-based practices, like meditation and mindfulness, may also help re-train your attentional capacity.

If you’re the one being phubbed, Seppälä recommends first shifting your perspective. “Be patient and compassionate and don’t take offense, because they’re following an impulse,” she says.


Do, however, take the time to calmly explain how phubbing makes you feel, especially if the person isn’t as bothered by the behavior as you are. (Research suggests women and older adults have stronger reactions to phubbing than men and young people, Seppälä says.)

“Their goal is probably not to exclude you,” Seppälä says. “They’re looking for inclusion; that’s probably why they’re looking on their phone.” Having a meaningful conversation in real life, then, may be exactly what you both need.

Stay updated on techscoops for relationship articles.

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How To Apply For BBNaija 2022: See Link To Apply for BBNaija Season 7



Bbnaija season 7 audition
How to apply for BBNaija 2022 and the direct link to apply for BBNaija season 7 can be accessed below.

Techscoops  reports that MultiChoice, the organisers of Big Brother Naija, BBNaija reality show in Nigeria, West Africa, on Sunday, May 15, 2022, announced that auditions for season 7 have begun.

This naija news online platform understands that a post on its verified Twitter page tweeted that the auditioning for the show commenced from 16th May 2022 and end 30th May 2022.

Techscoops gathered that interested participants in BBNaija 2022 (BBNaija season 7) are expected to:

  1. log on to
  2. upload a 3-minute video introducing themselves
  3. State what is unique about them, their likes and dislikes, and why they should be chosen for BBNAIJA Season 7.

Prospective BBNaija 2022 contestants are also to speak about their family and friends.

It added that the auditions are free and open to persons above 21 years. Abeg is the major sponsor of this year’s edition and Flutterwave is the associate sponsor.

Announcing the commencement of BBNaija 2022 auditions on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, the organizers of BBNaija 2022 (BBNaija season 7), tweeted: “Biggie is calling you back home.

#BBNaija Season 7 auditions are officially open, are you the next Efe, Miracle, Mercy, Laycon or Whitemoney?


“This is your time to show Biggie what you’re all about.”


How to apply for BBNaija 2022: BBNaija 2022 audition link…

1. Log on to the BBNaija audition website by clicking on this link and following the instructions.


2. Create a profile on the site by filling in the form.

3. Upload a threeminute video explaining why you should be chosen including who you are, how you grew up, likes, dislikes, and unique things about you.

4. Finish by submitting your video.


For clarification BBNaija 2022 audition steps, watch the video below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Big Brother Naija (@bigbronaija)


Meanwhile, Newsone reports that the last edition of the reality TV show had Hazel Oyeze ‘Whitemoney’ Onou as its winner and he went home with ₦90 million worth of prizes.

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How to Rank on Google Immediately You Post Your News



How to rank on Google immediately you post your news

Although, you have Rank Math, Squirrly, SEO Yoast and you have optimized your blog and you still plenty crawl budget but you can’t find your article on search immediately you hit the publish button. This is the situation.

Many bloggers have this issue of find it hard to see their news quickly rank on Google.

There are two segments of the concerned unranked bloggers.

  1. Extreme situation
  2. Mild situation

Extreme situation in this context means bloggers that do not rank at all and do not know what ranking means. This set of blogs get their traffic mainly from direct visits and referrals like UGC Nairaland and Social Media Facebook and Twitter. They are yet to explore the juicy traffic that Search Engines avail quality content writers.

If your case is an extreme one, you can reach out via our contact page and Techscoops will guide you through an extensive and intensive process of becoming visibility on Google search engines – the White Hat SEO way of course.

Now, if your case is mild and what I mean by mild is, your blog or site is indexed but it still does not appear on search or it sparingly appears on the Google search results page.  You need some search console tips and this will be given to you free of charge today as you read on.

How to check if your URL is indexed by Google

Google Search Console - How to Rank on Google

The quickest way is to copy and paste your URL in the google search engine bar. However, the easier way to check all URLs that are yet to be found on search is to use your Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool.


With the URL Inspection Tool, you can tell Google to index your blog. You will be amazed at the number of URLs that are not indexed and unavailable to Google.

Meaning you have been writing and writing and Google is yet to notice your articles or completely unaware they exist – Oops!

To solve the issue for now, you need to follow these guidelines as recommended by Google Search Central.


How to Test Your URL and Submit to Google for Indexing to rank on Google

Hello, before doing this, your should be sure that your blog’s sitemap is intact please. Now let’s go!

To run the URL Inspection tool to see URL’s current index status:

  1. Open the URL Inspection tool.
  2. Enter the complete URL to inspect. A few notes:
    • The URL must be in the current property. URLs outside the current property cannot be tested. If you own that other property, you must switch properties to test the URL.
    • AMP vs non-AMP URLs: You can inspect both AMP and non-AMP URLs. The tool provides information about the corresponding AMP or non-AMP version of the page.
    • Alternate page versions: If the page has alternate/duplicate versions, the tool also provides information about the canonical version, if the canonical version is in a property that you own.
  3. Read how to understand the results.
  4. Optionally run an indexability test on the live URL
  5. Optionally request indexing for the URL.

There is a daily limit of inspection requests for each property that you own.

Understanding the results: Indexed URL

  1. Read the presence status at the top of the tool to see whether or not the URL is eligible to appear in Google Search results: URL is on Google means that the URL is eligible to appear in Search results, but is not guaranteed to be there. URL is not on Google means that the URL can’t appear in Search results.
  2. Expand the Coverage section to see more details:
    • Discovery: How Google found the URL.
    • Crawl: If Google was able to crawl the page, when it was crawled, or any obstacles that it encountered when crawling the URL. If the status is not URL is on Google, the reason why can generally be found here.
    • Indexing: The canonical URL that Google chose for this page.
  3. Enhancements: If you have structured data, if the page is an AMP or has an associated AMP, you will see details in the Enhancements section. This section also includes mobile usability testing.
  4. To see information about the request, including the HTTP request and response, and the returned HTML, click View crawled page. If this link is disabled, it is because there was a problem fetching the page; hover over the disabled button to see the reason.

Stay updated on Techscoops for latest digital marketing tips and tricks you can adopt for your SEO strategy on how to rank on Google Search results page.

So you know how to rank on Google now, share with friends.

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