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7 WhatsApp tricks to nab your cheating partner



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How to nab a cheating partner and infidel? See these 7 WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp is one of the main applications that reveal if your partner is unfaithful, although it was not as easy before to find out because, they did not take the same measures as now, there are tricks with which it will be easy to surprise your unfaithful boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sure, we know that the privacy of both partners in a relationship is of utmost importance and must be respected, including their social networks.

But… Have you noticed that your partner acts differently and you have strong suspicions that something is fishy is going on? What is most important is communication, but if this does not work and your perception does not change, then give these WhatsApp tricks a try and it could help you discover and nab your cheating partner.


1.  Check WhatsApp storage

How to Check your WhatsApp storage?

First, you have to open the application and then go to ‘ Settings ‘; Click on ‘ Data and Storage ‘ and followed by ‘ Storage Usage ‘.

This will show the conversations with which your partner has used more storage and data, regardless of whether they have already been deleted.


2. WhatsApp- Seen deactivated 

They removed the ‘ viewed ‘ option from WhatsApp, to give you an impression that they haven’t actually opened your messages … or someone else’s. It is not necessary to check their mobile phones as you can know by simply checking your conversation and “messages”  to see that they do not appear viewed.

3. Your last connection time does not appear

Currently, in some relationships, there are many conflicts because of the last time seen WhatsApp feature, or because the partner does not respond to messages even though WhatsApp shows they are online. This usually generates conflict in the relationship no matter how simple it sounds or reads. So if he hides his last connection, he is likely hiding something or staying up late talking to someone and it is not you.

4. WhatsApp – Archived conversations

Many times when you see your partner’s WhatsApp, you take a look at the conversations that are in the main bar, forgetting about the conversations that could be in ‘Archived Messages’. So the next time you take a look at your partner’s phone, the first place you should visit is the Archived conversations – this is where they may hide many things


5. Silent conversations

To avoid that an unexpected message arriving, the best trick they use is to silence the conversations that they do not want to appear in the notification bar so that only they can see the messages when they open the application.

6. Set the option not to download the images

Can you imagine that when you open your gallery you see evidence of cheating? For this reason, they deactivate the function that the photos and videos received through WhatsApp are downloaded automatically and you will only be able to see it until you enter the conversation and decide whether to save them or not.

7. You need your fingerprint to enter WhatsApp

The security measures that WhatsApp has taken, more than security, has helped many cheating partners to get out of trouble.


IMPORTANT: If you do not doubt your partner, it is better that you do not try these tricks and just continue with your relationship as normal.

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