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Cats Cause Abortion, Pregnant Women Warned!



Cats cause Abortion

A former  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships), at University of Ibadan, Prof Olanike Adeyemo, in an interview with PUNCH news shares the reason Pregnant women should contact with cats.. 

This an excerpt from the interview:

Some diseases can be transmitted  from animals to humans and s*x with animals appears to be on the increase now. Will this not lead to an upsurge in zoonotic diseases in human beings?


There are different ways of transmitting diseases. I headed the Oyo State Decontamination and Containment Team of the COVID-19 task force. I know that there are so many factors causing the transmission of diseases from animals to humans and one of them is urbanisation. We cut down trees and move into the bushes and we come in more contact with animals. Ecotourism is another factor. Human beings don’t respect boundaries. In some developed countries, some people keep exotic pets and among several ways is bestiality which can bring sexual transmission of diseases. For instance, many people don’t know that a pregnant woman should not be in contact with cats because cats transmit a disease that causes abortion.

She should not be in contact with a cat’s litter if she is pregnant. It also causes some changes and makes babies defective. But a combination of many factors makes disease transmission occur. If your level of immunity is high, you may not be down when others who are in the same place as you are down. We also have some people who do not believe in vaccines and those ones are usually the weaklings.

Toxoplasmosis is usually harmless, but in rare cases, it can lead to serious problems and cats spread the parasite via their faeces. Women are more at risk if they get infected in pregnancy. Toxoplasmosis can cause miscarriage. If it spreads to a woman’s baby it can cause serious complications, especially if she caught it early in pregnancy.


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