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$ECHOKE airdrops – How to Get Davido’s E Choke Token



Davido E Choke Social token ( $Echoke airdrops )

$ECHOKE airdrops about to make you scream #EchokeForHere!!  This is the latest trend in the crypto-loving segment of Davido’s fan community. Atsu Davoh, the founder of Bitsika writes an appreciation to the community for the exciting reception the company got following the announcement of Echoke social token. ($Echoke )

Read the full statement below and understand how $Echoke airdrops work and how to be a part of the one thousand people to get free BNB and 9000 E choke tokens.

We’re grateful for the warm reception we got from the community after the launch of the Echoke Social Token. The real work now begins. In our literature, we have made it clear that the token will be distributed in a series of giveaways starting on the 28th of November. Many observers are however still not clear on how to register to get their tokens;


Echoke Social Token is a social token developed by Bitsika (under their crypto imprint, Omegoat) with help from Nestcoin. The token will be used to access giveaways, merch, exclusive content, events and more. All the token’s resources are hosted on the Omegoat site.

Any social media, blog or other resources relating to the project are only to be considered legitimate if they are linked directly from the Omegoat site. Any airdrop of giveaways of the $ECHOKE token airdrops can only be considered legitimate if it takes place on the Omegoat site.

Omegoat has not yet announced any official public trading of $ECHOKE. This fact has left many users confused as to how then the general public can have access to the tokens to reap its benefits. From November 2021 to December 2022, the $ECHOKE tokens will be distributed in free monthly giveaway airdrops.


That is, every calendar month from now till December 2022, we will have one airdrop event each month to distribute the tokens. The very first airdrop event will be on November 28th, 2021. The second will be on the following month on December 25th, 2021. From January 2022 onwards, we will decide a fixed day of the month we can always use for each following month’s airdrop.

On the Omegoat website, you will see a countdown leading up to each month’s airdrop. Once the countdown is over, registered Omegoat members can apply to claim their airdrop rewards. All it takes to register on the Omegoat site is to login with your Google email. That’s it. Nothing more. Always register ahead so you avoid any issues or site crushes in the future. Registration is not how you get the tokens however.

Tokens are gotten when registered users apply to claim their rewards via a small form. This form becomes visible to registered users once the countdown is over. In the form, the users can provide their BSC (Binance Smart Chain) addresses and their phone numbers. That’s all it takes to apply for the token as a registered user. After filling this form, you just have wait a few minutes for your reward to arrive into the wallet you provided.


How to access $Echoke Airdrops

For each month’s airdrop event, we will reward / gift 1,000 individual unique BSC addresses. Only 1,000 new addresses will be rewarded each month, and each new address we reward will be given 9,000 $ECHOKE tokens. This means we will aim to give out about 9,000,000 $ECHOKE tokens monthly. Each of the 1,000 new addresses we reward each month will also be given a free 0.00124113 BNB tip as well to help with future $ECHOKE gas fees. The way our algorithm chooses the 1,000 winners each month will keep evolving.

Once 1,000 new people / addresses are rewarded on an airdrop day, the giveaway closes and the countdown restarts, counting down to the next month’s airdrop. Always make sure to be on the site immediately the countdown ends so you wont be left behind for the reward.

Omegoat will start sharing gifts to the community from December, 2021. Only token holders can get those gifts; so do well to get your tokens. If you don’t get accepted in a particular month, you can try the next month. Good luck.


~ Atsu Davoh.

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