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Foodstuff Prices in Nigeria – Nov. 12, 2022



Prices of foodstuff in Lagos commodities

Foodstuff Prices in Nigeria today is available now to be accessed below. Check our price of beans, bag of rice in Nigeria, Sorghum price and more as we head into the final lap of 2022.

It is obvious that in December, prices of commodities skyrocket as it has been the custom over the years, however, it appears this year’s hike would be extraordinary an ugly situation stemming from Nigeria’s ailing economy.


As of today, the price of one Derica of rice is pegged at N700 and the common man that earns less than N1000 daily is unable to keep up. Alright, let me quit my ranting and head on straight to the business of the day.

Foodstuff Price in Nigeria Today

November 11, 2022 (Large quantities)


Price of Rice in Lagos and Abuja

Various types and  brands of rice exist but generally here’s the current price list of rice in Nigeria noting that the prices also fluctuates depending on location and timing.

  • Rice (50kg bag) price in Abuja = N40,000 – N44,000
  • Rice (50kg bag) price in Lagos = N43,000 – N48,000

Half bag of rice i.e 25kg will be  calculated based on the price of a full 50kg bag.

Price of Beans in Nigeria

  • Ewa Oloyin (50kg) N30,000 – N39,000
  • Ewa Oloyin (25kg) – N15,000 – N19,000
  • Butter Beans (50kg) – N33,000
  • White Beans (50kg) – N32,000
  • Brown Beans (50kg) – N32,000

Price of Yam in Nigeria

  • Abuja Yam (Big) – N1600
  • Abuja Yam (Small) – N750 – 800
  • Regular Yam (Big) – N1000
  • Regular Yam (Small) – N600

Prices of Noodles in Nigeria

For kids and some adults that love to eat between meals or get something quick to prepare, Indomie  Noodles might do the trick.  See price of Indomie in Nigeria.

  • Indomie Chicken (70g x 40ps)- N4600
  • Indomie Onion (70g x 40ps) – N520o

Prices of Food Items (Others)

  • Price of Ijebu Garri (Bag    80kg) – N10,500
  • Bag of  Yellow Garri N6,500 – N7,500
  • One basket of Tomatoes – N34,ooo
  • One crate of Tomatoes – N19000
  • Price of Semovita Honeywell (5kg) N3800
  • Price of Semovita Golden Penny (5kg) N4190

Prices of Milk (Powdered) in Nigeria

  • Peak (Tin 400g) – N4000 – N4500
  • Milk Peak milk Sachet – N100
  • Milk Loya Powdered Sachet – N100

Price of Sweet Potatoes

  • One bag of sweet potatoes – N22,500, half-bag N11,500
  • One bag of irish potatoes – N8200

Price of Elubo (Yam flour)

To buy one rubber ( 4 Litres ) you will part with N5000.

Price of Poundo Yam

For 2.3kg the price of Poundo is N11,500


This price list of foodstuff in Lagos, Abuja and prices of foodstuff in Nigeria generally will always be updated  here on techscoops daily. Check back again.

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