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Fuel Scarcity Bites Hard in Lagos, Harder in Abuja as NNPC cuts supplies



Fuel scarcity

Commuters  and motorists in Lagos, Ogun states and some other parts of the country were on Monday stranded as a result of fuel scarcity.

In Lagos and Ogun states, Techscoops gathered that long queues were seen at several filling stations including Mobil, Capital, Fatgbems, Enyo, TotalEnergies and NNPC.

Although there were products at these filling stations, which sold at N165/litre, motorists struggled to get PMS with which to run their economic lives.


There were also queues in states bordering the FCT, including Nasarawa and Niger.

In Abuja ( FCT ) , there were long queues at various filling stations such as the NNPC, Mobil, A.A. Rano, AYA Ashafa, Enyo, among others.

Hundreds of motorists besieged the few filling stations that dispensed petrol at various states, spending hours on queues in a bid to buy PMS.


What we know:

Techscoops learnt from oil marketers that the  sad development is to be blamed on drop in oil supply. The Oil marketers according to The PUNCH stated that the  demand for petrol was currently higher than what was being provided by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, hence the scarcity.

In some areas, PMS sells for 180/litre causing an increase in transportation fare.


Before now, Abuja residents had been experiencing fuel scarcity due to low supply, spending long hours at the filling stations daily.

With this new development, the situation is worse off.



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