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Geekzilla tech reviews LG Tone Free TF7.

LG products are of a good quality and have often received rave reviews online and offline.


The LG tone free earbuds was manufactured to satisfy a segment of the market – that  is, customers that love to jog and listen to music on-the-go.

Review of LG Tone Free

For a couple of weeks Tonia had the opportunity to test and use the new LG Tone Free TF7 just to have a feel of the product so that talking to others about it can be easier.


She shares her experience in using the LG earbuds wireless headset in this Geekzilla tech review .

LG Tone Free TF7 – design and comfort

For these wireless earbuds, LG completely shelfed the classic design that it had been using with the Tone Free FP and the new Tone Free T90, which have that “tail” from where we can take each earbud.


It must also not be forgotten in a hurry that these two models are better for casual use, such as listening while you go to work or if you choose to listen to music at night.

This is for that fact that it has a noise-cancellation feature and the sound is clear – thanks to Meridian technology.


The LG tone free feels so comfy in the ears, its round design fits perfectly in any ear and each bud has a kind of “tab” that makes a perfect grip in the ear, preventing them from coming out.

Striking features of LG tone free earbud wireless set

In the box of these earbuds, there are four extra silicone gummies and parts, in addition to another set of “tabs”, in case they break due to usage.


Although it is not difficult to insert the earbuds LG, at the same time rocking it for best experience, it is necessary to correctly place the  LG tone free earbuds wireless device.

I highly recommend that you download the Tone Free app on your mobile phone and there you will see an explainer  animation of exactly how the Tone Free TF7 should fit in your ears.


LG Tone Free Earbuds Wireless

Immersive sound

Everyone knows that when exercising, music to the ears is sweet to the soul and even sometimes be a motivating factor to help us achieve our fitness goals.

I was precisely telling you about accommodating the headphones well in your ears to enjoy the true active noise cancellation of these earbuds, as it is something that LG has paid a lot of attention to.


All this combined with Meridian’s technology, you will really listen and appreciate music a few times.

In addition, they also have the “ambient mode” which will be nice to use if you’d like to go out and ride a bike. In this way, you will be able to listen to music and keep abreast of what is happening around you, thereby preventing any accident.


Long-lasting battery, both in headphones and in their case

The headphones alone will have a battery that will last up to 10 hours (also depending on whether you are using ambient mode or active noise cancellation). The case gives you 20 hours of battery life, so you’ll have a total of 30 hours of use.

The amazing thing is also that if your headphones run out of battery and you need to listen quickly to something on your Tone Free TF7, just putting them in their case for 5 minutes and it will give you a full hour of battery life. Amazing right?



They are washable and have UV Nano technology

When exercising, sweating is inevitable and surely your earbuds may continuously get dirty, which is why they have IP67 protection against splashing water and dust. But not only that, you can also submerge them in the water to wash them deeply.

UV Nano technology is something exclusive to LG and for the Tone Free TF7, they didn’t disappoint. With the UV Nano, up to 99.9% of bacteria that may be in the headphones are eliminated, giving you the peace of mind that every time you take the earbuds to your ears, they will be clean and free of said bacteria.

Although LG no longer develops smartphones, I like that they care about delivering products that are fully compatible with any mobile device and that, in addition to that, audio is something where the Korean brand takes care of many details.

The Tone Free TF7 could become one of the most coveted wearables by athletes for its comfort, long battery life and unique and immersive sound while you exercise.


For more Geekzilla tech reviews , stay ahead.


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