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Geekzilla Tech Review: Redmi Buds 4 Pro



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Geekzilla tech reviews these pair of beauty! Read on to find interesting gist about the Redmi Buds.

Lovers of wireless music, here I am again with a review of some buds. Specifically, I am referring to the Redmi Buds 4 Pro . But what is it that makes them special or good? Did I enjoy my time using them? And more importantly, do I recommend them? We will find out little by little in this review.


What do we find in the box of the Redmi Buds 4 Pro?

Something very common in terms of buds is that they only give us what we really need, when removing the lid of the box we have the case with the buds on a plastic base. When removing the plastic base we have 4 more things, the USB type A to USB type C charging cable, our instructions, the warranty notice and a box with 2 extra pairs of rubber bands for the buds.

And voila, that’s all, but that’s not why it’s bad, of all this most users will only take out the case, the buds and the charging cable, I say this from personal experience. Obviously there are also users with different sizes of ears and it is greatly appreciated that they include the rubber bands of different sizes for these buds.


Design and connectivity

Let’s go with a tasty aspect, the design and I believe that to have this type of gadget we need something that is small, compact and complies. We have to be honest, from my personal perception the case should weigh between 60 and 70 grams with the buds inside.

Redmi Buds 4 Pro 1

Now that I’ve told you about the weight, let’s focus on the exterior design, these buds are available in 2 colors, black and white. In our case we have the black ones and they have a fairly simple matte finish but it looks great. On the back of the case we can see the word “Redmi”, below we have the USB C charging port and the function button. Last but not least, on the front is the led indicator.

Redmi Buds 4 Pro 2

Now we will focus on the body of the buds, the body is the same color as the case but is highlighted by a small gray bar on the post. You can also see the 3 microphones that each bud includes for sound cancellation. At the end of the post we find the two magnetic points that charge each bud.

Redmi Buds 4 Pro 3

I am telling you this so that you can get an idea of ​​what you are going to take home when you purchase these buds. Above I already told you that for me the buds must be quite practical and these are among my ideal options. It is worth mentioning that as such the buds are extremely light and despite the fact that I use them for a long time, I do not feel any discomfort.

Audio and noise cancellation

Leaving aside the physical aspects of these buds and their case, let’s venture into something very important, the Audio of the Redmi Buds 4. It should be mentioned that they have Hi Res Audio Wireless, what the hell does this mean? Well, there are certain processes that give us better quality music than on a normal CD. dare? Your audio will sound much better despite being wireless and this is a reality since when using them with any noise cancellation mode you continue to enjoy what you are listening to.


Now continuing with the topic of audio cancellation we find active noise cancellation of up to 43 dB. Is this useful? Of course yes! Since we can put the buds in 3 different intelligent noise cancellation modes. Specifically, the deep one will allow you to isolate yourself very well from outside noise, whether you are on some transport or as a pedestrian, although you have to be careful with this.

Now let’s go with the comment that I have to give you yes or yes when using buds, I usually use the bike a lot, for which I use balanced noise cancellation. But how are the calls heard? Well, it is common that when one goes by bike, skateboard, skates or transport of this type, the wind hits us and this sounds quite bad in the calls. In the Redmi Buds 4 Pro this does not happen thanks to a small metal protector that reduces the wind so it becomes almost imperceptible.

It should also be mentioned that these buds can be connected to two devices at the same time, which is explained in the instructions. This is very useful when, like me, you carry two smartphones for different things and suddenly you receive calls on one while listening to music on the other or watching a movie. The buds intelligently change the audio signal depending on what you’re doing which becomes quite useful.



The last point I want to touch on is the battery, so I mention again that buds of this style should be quite useful. The usefulness in this aspect is accompanied by the time that they will let you listen to music or any use that you want to give to the buds. The specifications of the Redmi Buds 4 Pro promise us up to 9 hours of use on a charge of each bud and 36 hours with the case. This is true? Without hesitation, since in the time I used them I charged them approximately 1 time every 15 days. Obviously my use was medium to intense but 15 days with some buds without having to charge them is wonderful.

Final opinion on the Redmi Buds 4 Pro

geekzillatech review

We have quite useful buds, although something that surprised me a lot was the absence of an application to customize them is not necessary. It is enough to read the manual and learn each one of the touches that must be given for each action so that you can use them. What I liked the most about these buds was their battery and their connection to multiple devices, which was undoubtedly very useful for me. Something that personally still has a hard time for me is connecting to the different touch sensors of the buds that we reviewed, which although they work quite well, I got lost a bit when I started using them since they don’t have something where you feel they are located. It is also good to mention that their sound cancellation is very good and with the wind cover, it makes them ideal companions for any place.

Did you enjoy geekzilla tech gadget review of this redmi buds – comment below

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