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Geekzilla Tech: Trailer for star+’s new series “The Patient”!



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Geekzilla tech reviews trailer for The  Patient  series

From Dunder Mifflin Manager to Therapist! Parkour! Why the reference? For the new series “The Patient” that will arrive on the Star+ streaming platform in a couple of months. In it we can see Steve Carell  ( ” The office” ) and Domhnall Gleeson  throughout 10 episodes exploring a new side of the actors.

Here we leave you the trailer:


“The Patient”  is a psychological thriller written by  Joel Fields  and  Joe Weisberg  (“ The Americans” ) about a therapist, Alan Strauss ( Steve Carell ). He is taken prisoner by a patient, Sam Fortner ( Domhnall Gleeson ). Which turns out to be a serial killer and has an unusual therapeutic request for Alan: to help him curb his homicidal impulses.


To survive, Alan must unravel the mind of patient Sam and stop him from committing another murder. But Sam avoids discussing topics crucial to treatment, such as talking about his mother, Candace ( Linda Emond ). Alone and in captivity, Alan examines his own past through memories of his former therapist, Charlie ( David Alan Grier ). And he’s dealing with waves of his own repressed issues, like the recent death of his wife, Beth ( Laura Niemi ). And the painful estrangement from his son, Ezra ( Andrew Leeds ), a very religious man.

Over the course of his seclusion, Alan not only discovers the depth of Sam’s compulsion. He but also how much he has to work to repair the rupture that occurred in his own family. With time running out for him, Alan fights desperately to stop Sam before becoming an accessory to his murders, or worse, a victim of his.


Joel Fields  and  Joe Weisberg  are the creators of “The Patient”, executive producers and writers. Steve Carell  is also an executive producer alongside  Caroline Moore ,  Victor Hsu  and  Chris Long . The miniseries is an FX Productions production.

The series “The Patient” will arrive with all its episodes on December 21 exclusively on the Star+ streaming service. And remember that at techscoops you will find Geekzilla tech month by month reviews of all the movies and series to come.

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