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Play the new Crisis event: Eclipse, the darkness covers everything! A new enemy has appeared and darkness is everywhere… Your mission? Survive the hordes of Archæans and take down the Neoplasm in the new Rainbow Six Eclipse Crisis Event !

Ubisoft announced the third Rainbow Six Crisis Event, Eclipse, which runs from today until September 1. In addition to the content from the first two Crisis Events, this limited-time event will continue to add more post-launch content for players to enjoy. Eclipse leaves operators in partial darkness as they venture into three subzones to combat new threats.

As Operators delve deeper into the Truth or Consequences map , they will find the source of the darkness: the Neoplasm, a threat that sends motion detection pulses within a radius. In each division, players must weaken the Neoplasm with stealth knockout blows. If movement is detected, the Neoplasm will escape to the next subzone, making the next encounter increasingly difficult.


To progress from subzone to subzone, players will need to restore power to a generator while facing an onslaught of Archaea. The crisis culminates in the third subzone, where players must remove the neoplasm for good and reach the extraction point safely.

New Agent Echo joins the roster!

Along with Eclipse, Rainbow Six Operator Echo joins the REACT team today. Known for her efficiency in gathering information, Echo will be a valuable addition to the Rainbow Six Extraction roster in both Eclipse and the main game. Echo’s Yokai drone transmits a video feed to her and can fire ultrasonic blasts that disorient all targets it hits.

Determined to optimize its unconventional tactics and operational efficiency, Echo can respond to threats immediately and effectively. His technical skills in robotics are of great help to REACT’s R&D and aerial drone fleet even outside of raids. In the field, his spontaneous ideas increase the squad’s effectiveness in gathering information.


React’s Golden Grenade

Unlocks the Golden Grenade, a unique REACT technology gadget that can attract Archaea. The Aura Grenade can be unlocked by completing the quest, ‘ Stealth Kill 50 Archæans’ , and can be completed in any game mode.

This new piece of REACT tech can draw in archaics and be remotely detonated to destroy or stun enemies. It can also self detonate after a set amount of time.

more exciting content

In general, players can discover more exciting content as they delve deeper into the Eclipse event.

  • The new REACT Tech Granada Aura
  • The new echo operator
  • New cosmetic items
  • The enemy of the new Neoplasia
  • Themed charms for players to keep
  • Extra XP towards milestone progression
Evento Crisis: Eclipse Rainbow Six

Eclipse is the newest content added to Rainbow Six Extraction, and players can look forward to more in the future. Players can now jump in with their squad through Game Pass on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, as well as on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Amazon Luna, Ubisoft+, Ubisoft Store, and the Epic Games Store.

In the Eclipse Crisis event, darkness covers everything. Any electric light was turned off. Defeat the enemy on the Truth or Consequences map as you restore power across the map.

Are you ready to plunge into the darkness and take down the Neoplasm?

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