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Geekzilla tech updates for May 27, 2022



geekzilla tech updates

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Microsoft announces new tools to create applications and solutions with AI

Are you interested in learning code? Artificial Intelligence can help both developers and people who are not experts in the field to create code. These are the tools that Microsoft announced to be able to create applications and software solutions faster and easier with AI.


Over the years,  OpenAI  has been an innovation initiative for developers with tools like  Codex ; a machine learning model that can translate natural language commands into code in more than a dozen programming languages. Microsoft and OpenAI formed a  partnership in 2019  to create the next generation of AI-accelerated applications using  Azure OpenAI .

Three years later during the Microsoft Build event; The company announced new tools that will make the technologies available to developers easier to design software solutions, applications and their approach to code.

AI and code come together

Microsoft subsidiary GitHub also worked with OpenAI to integrate Codex into their  GitHub Copilot ; a downloadable extension for software development programs such as Visual Studio Code. This tool uses Codex to extract a developer’s existing code and suggests additional lines of code and functionality.

Microsoft IA

Additionally, developers can also describe what they want to achieve in natural language and the tool will use its knowledge base to find a solution.

Low-Code as a democratizer of access to programming

Another area Microsoft is working on is  AI-powered low-code tools  that are intuitive enough for millions of  people to develop software applications  quickly and easily.

During the event, Microsoft announced Power Apps, available on  the Microsoft Power Platform,  which leverages artificial intelligence models from Azure Cognitive Services to turn drawings, images, or PDF files into software applications.

Microsoft’s bet is to continue this trend where software development becomes more accessible over time to all users so that anyone can create a working application. This new era of AI-assisted software development can lead to higher developer productivity, satisfaction, and efficiency and make software development more natural and accessible to more people.


Now you can also manage TikTok through Hootsuite!


Good news to all content creators! You can now manage TikTok through Hootsuite, as announced by the global leader in social media management. This Thursday, it was added to the TikTok Marketing Partner Program, an initiative that makes it easier for marketing experts to create and scale content on this social network. As official collaboration partners; Hootsuite will enable its customers to effectively manage, run and optimize TikTok content alongside other platforms, from a single integrated tool.

Hootsuite TikTok - Geekzilla tech

“This partnership with TikTok has been highly anticipated, both by Hootsuite and its customers. We have seen how video content has grown and become a powerful tool that successful brands use to socialize with the world. And we’ve identified the pain points our clients face when creating this type of content; With that in mind, I’m very excited that Hootsuite can now play a big role in helping businesses become better and trendsetters on this rapidly evolving digital platform.”

Maggie Lower, Chief Marketing Officer de Hootsuite


To enable companies to explore the vast potential of this immersive platform and ease this transition for social marketers looking to improve content creation; Hootsuite will walk its customers through the integration step-by-step while helping its users be more creative on TikTok.

Portfolio of informational and educational resources

Cultural Guide

Help brands navigate the platform by deciphering ever-evolving trends and key issues; such as sounds, aesthetics, types of videos and popular language according to regions or countries.


They highlight new trends to watch out for, offer tips and tricks to better engage with your audience; highlighting inspiring content where important learning is extracted.


Workshops and webinars

Special events organized in all regions of the world to guide clients in the development of content or videos; generating them essential information on how to increase their participation among app users.

informative blog

This being the most basic, the value of TikTok in the growth of any business and how a stronger relationship with customers is built will be pointed out; Specific advice will also be given on the growth of this network and its followers, news and more.

“At TikTok we are always looking for ways to make it easier for brands to develop great content that resonates with their communities. We are delighted to welcome our content and marketing partners into the TikTok Marketing Partner Program; and collaborating with industry users. These will provide marketers with simple and effective tools to help them publish content on a regular basis; gain valuable performance insights and meaningfully engage with their digital communities.”

Melissa Yang, Head of Partnerships and Ecosystems at TikTok.


Use of TikTok in Mexico

In Mexico, TikTok users spend up to 23.4 hours a month watching videos, an increase of 37% of active users compared to last year; data from the Digital Report 2022 Mexico of Hootsuite. Also, 70.4% of Internet users from 6 to 64 years old, say they use this social network regularly every month; this makes TikTok the fifth most important social network in the country, according to figures from the same report.


A survey of Hootsuite customers revealed that around 38.5% are active users on TikTok; being part of your company’s social media strategy. 63% of Hootsuites users intend to start using TikTok in 2022. With new integration capabilities, customers will have the ability to enhance their TikTok content sharing experience and feel fully empowered with a trusted partner as is Hootsuite.

The new capabilities of the platform will allow:


Schedule and publish content on TikTok with the Hootsuite platform; increasing efficiency by coordinating the creation of content from all social networks in one place.


Moderate and manage comments in real time, generating impactful experiences for customers, all for brands to build stronger relationships with their audience.



Gain insights into post performance and user engagement for a deep understanding of audience motivations; which will allow the development of improved content and campaigns in the future.

TikTok is an immersive digital platform that allows users to express their creativity through themselves, connect with diverse communities, and build authentic relationships through the power of video. TikTok is influencing digital changes and content trends at unimaginable speeds. The launch of this integration will help brands navigate this powerful change while giving Hootsuite customers what they need to be successful with their TikTok accounts or easily get started with TikTok.

Now that you can manage TikTok through Hootsuite, creating and planning your content will be much easier.


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