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Honor reveals details of its first foldable device Honor Magic V



Honor Magic V

It is no secret to anyone that Honor has come to the smartphone market to stay, and not only that, but to compete and establish itself as one of the best brands.

Proof of this are its plans to offer users HONOR’s first foldable flagship device in China. Which by the way, will be called “Honor Magic V” and promises great features for users of the brand.

Although there are still no details of the exact launch date, we can already see an official image of what the Honor Magic V will be ”.


As we can see in the image, the name “Honor Magic V” suits it perfectly, since when it is folded it forms the letter “V”. Looking really spectacular.

This device would become Honor’s first flagship foldable and form a new market for the brand. Well, let’s remember that it already offers laptops, headphones, smartphones among many more.

As we mentioned earlier, there is still no approximate date for the Honor Magic V launch. However, we can be sure that it will not disappoint us in any way. So stay tuned for our news section to stay informed.



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