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How to know you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp



IF you’re worried that you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp, there are some clues to look out for.

WhatsApp won’t tell you outright if you’ve been blocked – so you have to do a bit of sleuthing.

There are clues hidden throughout WhatsApp that can tip you off to a blockView pictures in App save up to 80% data.
There are clues hidden throughout WhatsApp that can tip you off to a block

But remember: it’s easy to make mistakes, so don’t read too much into the signs.

First, it’s worth considering why you’ve been blocked.


If you’ve been harassing or abusing someone, you should stop trying to contact that person.

It might also be a hint that you’re just annoying on WhatsApp, so maybe try to clean up your act.

So how can you tell if you’ve been blocked?


WhatsApp says one of the big giveaways is that you can no longer see a contact’s last seen or online in the chat window.

You won’t see updates to a contact’s profile photo.

Any messages that you’ve sent to someone who has blocked you will always show a single check mark (message sent) – but never a second (message delivered).


And any calls you try to place won’t go through.

“If you see all of the indicators above for a contact, this could mean that the user is blocking you,” said WhatsApp.

“However, there are other possibilities.


“We have made this intentionally ambiguous in order to protect your privacy when you block someone.

“Thus, we cannot tell you if you are being blocked by someone else.”

To block a contact on iPhone, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked > Add New… and then choose the contact you want to block.


On Android, open WhatsApp then tap More Options (three dots) then Settings.

Then go into Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts, tap the Add Contact sign and then choose the person you want to block.

If an unknown number is contacting you on either platform, you can open the chat with them, choose their profile and block them from there.

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