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“I won’t die alone” HIV Patient Mixes Her Blood with Zobo Drink To Sell (Video)



Zobo drink Hiv patient

An HIV patient who spoke under the condition of anonymity on a Live radio programme via Wazobia FM has confessed to mixing her  blood with Zobo drink (hibiscus drink) to sell to unsuspecting members of the public – an evil act she has been involved in for over 6 months.


When asked why she had to do this, her response was ”I won’t die alone’.



The Genesis

According to her, she went to the hospital for a test and was diagnosed with dreaded HIV infection.


Since then she stopped working as a Nurse but rather took to the  streets to start selling Zobo drink mixed with infected blood in a desperate move to get more persons to die with her – Innocent or not.

How Long Does the HIV Virus Survive Outside a body

What you should know:


In general, the virus doesn’t live long once it’s outside of a human body. Studies show that HIV grown in the lab, when placed on a surface, loses most of its ability to infect — 90% to 99% — within several hours. And the level of virus tested was much higher than what’s found in bodily fluids.

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