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Meaning of OScomp in Nigerian Navy



Nigeria Navy Driver Salary

Meaning of Oscomp in Nigerian Navy

In Nigeria Navy, there are several ranks and as with every standard organization, there is hierarchy. You searched for Meaning of OScomp in Nigerian Navy or Meaning of OScomp in Navy, that’s why you are here.

Alright, before discussing the meaning of Oscomp in Nigerian Navy Rank List, let’s discuss extensively the Navy in Nigeria’s rank structure.

Nigerian Navy Rank Structure

Nigeria’s Naval rank structure is one indisputably of the most organized in the world.


The officers of the Nigerian Navy by ranks are divided into two categories of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Officers in these two categories are led by the Admiral of the fleet.

For non-commissioned officers, the highest rank is that of the Warrant Chief Petty Officer.


All the other seamen or sailors ( non-commissioned ) are answerable to him while all sailors in the Navy commissioned or non-commissioned have the Admiral as their overall boss as mention earlier.

See the categorization and hierarchy/rank structure below for a better explanation: 

Nigerian Navy Ranks for Commissioned Officers

1. Admiral of the Fleet
2. Admiral
3. Vice Admiral
4. Rear Admiral
5. Commodore
6. Captain
7. Commander
8. Lieutenant Commander
9. Lieutenant
10. Sub-Lieutenant
11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
12. Mid-Shipman


Nigerian Navy Ranks for Non-Commissioned Officers

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
2. Chief Petty Officer
3. Petty Officer
4. Leading Rating
5. Able Rating
6. Ordinary Rating
7. Trainee

Nigeria Navy Senior Rank Symbol or Insignia

nigeria navy rank - Meaning of OScomp in Nigeria Navy

Meaning of OScomp in Nigeria Navy – See Now

Now to what exactly brought you to this page –  Meaning of OSCOMP on Techscoops Nigeria

OScomp in Nigerian Navy simply means “Ordinary Seaman”. OS ( Ordinary Seaman Computer ) whatever then comes after that is the special function of that cadre or trade classification. Techscoops exclusively obtained the meaning of OSComp from the Nigeria Navy authorities. OScomp in the Nigeria Navy means Ordinary Seaman in Computer department.

Meaning of Oscomp in Nigeria NavyTechscoops Nigeria Techscoops obtains information exclusively

The OSCOMP in Navy became popular when a naval officer Cute Abiola was incarcerated as a result of an online activity he was caught doing which the authorities of the Nigeria Navy found to have violated the Nigeria Armed Forces Code of Ethics.


 Nigerian Navy says, reveals his whereabout

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Breaking news headlines, Nigeria Military ranking system rank and structure – this is exactly how you were able to find the meaning of Oscomp in Nigeria Navy.


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