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Miss Not A Christmas Special That Will Blow Your Mind



Christmas specials - Note claves
Tired of the typical Christmas time movies? So “Don’t get caught” is the Christmas special you were waiting for, because it tells us the story of Jesus, our Yisus in a rather peculiar way.

Don’t worry, it’s a comedy special a bit different from what we normally know, released by Blackdoor and Paramount +.]

What is it about No te keys

As we can see in the teaser for “No te clave” they show us the story of our Yisus during his adolescence. From here we can see that this special faithfully follows the humor and comedy of Blackdoor, one of the most popular channels today.

As we mentioned earlier, Backdoor is a comedy channel that is dedicated to creating very Mexican comedy: De chile, mole y manteca. There are both videos that analyze everyday situations with humor and videos of absurd humor.


Without forgetting the satire and mockery of institutions such as politics, churches and the family. Do you want to find god? In Backdoor you will find it (As in the case of “Do not enter”). Do you want to hear jokes that would get you fired from work if you told them? Backdoor has them.

Release date

Don’t worry, the Christmas special that will change the way we see our Yisus, will arrive at Paramount + on December 15th. Just in time for the end of the year celebrations.

Watch out or be washed out.


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