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Netflix: 5 suspense movies that will keep you hooked



Netflix suspense movies

Netflix suspense movies – see the top 5 on Techscoops.

Thriller movies have become the favorites of many today. This genre’s main objective is to keep the viewer in a state of tension, about what may happen to the characters, and therefore, attentive to the development of the conflict, it is a strategy to generate and maintain the viewer’s interest.

For all lovers of suspense, we have prepared a small list of movies that are on Netflix and that we are sure will keep you attentive to what is happening in history.


1. The hole

the hole

Winner of the Sitges Festival, this is one of the essential Spanish films of the moment in the suspense genre. This is the situation: a group of people live locked up in a vertical structure made up of hundreds of floors, ordered numerically and that separates people two by two, and every day a platform full of food goes down, which gradually empties. Those on the first floor have everything at their disposal. Starting from the 100th floor, they will starve for a month until the levels are drawn again. A shocking allegory in the form of a dystopia about our society.

2. Bird Box: Blindfolded


Based on the novel by Josh Malerman, this film directed by Oscar winner Susanne Bier poses a classic situation of apocalyptic dystopia: the world is suddenly inhabited by invisible beings that can cause suicide in all those who look at them. That is why, as we see Sandra Bullock, now we have to go blindfolded (blind!) and find safe places in total darkness. Of course, this proposal provides material for moments of great suspense.

3. Low Instincts

low instincts

The film will be remembered for its most famous scene, in which Sharon Stone’s character unfolds her legs during an interrogation. The slowest moment in the history of cinema. But Paul Verhoeven built in ‘Basic Instincts’ a suspense and mystery thriller with many more attractions, which follow the investigations of a detective (Michael Douglas) on the trail of a bloodthirsty murderess.

4. The woman in the window

thriller movies the woman in the window

Amy Adams stars in this adaptation of AJ Finn’s novel, which evokes Alfred Hitchcock’s films, especially ‘Rear Window’, to talk about guilt, obsessions and family secrets. Directed by Joe Wright (‘Pride and Prejudice’), it follows Dr. Anna Fox, who suffers from agoraphobia and never leaves the house, and one day she witnesses through the window a murder in her neighbor’s house. The result is a thriller with many surprises and narrative twists.

5. The appearance of things

thriller movies the way things look

The acclaimed novel of the same name by the writer Elizabeth Brundage comes to the screen from directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. A mixture of drama, suspense and the supernatural, with the story of a young married couple, Catherine and George, who move to a house in rural New York State. Soon strange events begin to happen in the mansion, such as a lamp that turns on and off in the girl’s room, or a piano that begins to play by itself.

If you don’t want to miss any details on Netflix movies on Suspense and others, stay updated on techscoops – geekzilla tech updates and more.

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