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PlayStation prepares a worthy rival for Xbox Game Pass



PlayStation 5
It seems that Xbox Game Pass will finally have a worthy rival and who else but PlayStation to do it? This new service would be nicknamed Spartacus.
PlayStation xbox game pass

That’s according to a new  report from Bloomberg  , which cites sources within the company, as well as documents they’ve seen, that say the service is likely to merge between PS Plus and PS Now.

For context, PS Plus allows gamers to play games online and redeem a selection of games each month, while PlayStation Now is already similar to Xbox Game Pass in that gamers gain access to a selection of games that they can play immediately, although PS Now does not follow the Xbox Game Pass example of publishing its own titles the same day they go on sale.

How would the new PlayStation service look like?

The report also states that the new service will offer a three-tier service, the first tier will offer the current benefits of PS Plus, another will offer PS4 and eventually PS5 games, and the last will provide access to “extended demos, game streaming, and a library”. of the classic games of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP “. 

While there has been talk of a PlayStation rival for Xbox Game Pass for quite some time, SIE President Jim Ryan alluded to an announcement Sony might make about it last year, this report offers our first real look at how PlayStation seeks to match Xbox service. 


For many, the key benefit of Xbox Game Pass is getting exclusives like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Psychonauts 2 on launch day, and the report doesn’t confirm whether Sony plans to match this on its PlayStation service. However, the ability to access older titles is sure to excite fans who have seen similar retro titles appear on Xbox Game Pass.

Would you like this to be completely true? Can you imagine having access to the new PlayStation titles from their launch with a subscription similar to that of Xbox Game Pass?

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