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Review: Matrix Resurrections – Reconnect Your Destiny




We reconnect to the network, after a long wait

The premieres at the end of the year do not stop Geekzilla tech lovers , and after getting excited with the friendly arachnid neighbor, we have something that came as a surprise.

In conjunction with the announcement of the Unreal Engine 5 experience, we received with surprise the announcement of the presentation of the fourth part of the Saga with Matrix Resurrections.

After almost 20 years after the closure of the original trilogy, Lana Wachowski presents a scenario that reconnects to previous events.


Seeing that the machines take Neo’s inert body, we are left wondering if there would be a continuity in the saga that we will now share our review.

Is the reality we live in a Deja-Vu?

Being faithful to its beginnings, the first minutes of the story begin with action and that will make you remember the first 3 parts.

With references to the events that occurred in Revolutions, we will begin to think that there is something mysterious behind a reboot of the Matrix.


A possible attempt to re-locate Neo / Thomas by identifying a security breach takes the new co-stars in the opening minutes with action and mystery.

matrix resurrections 3

We will begin to associate that mystery if the decisions we have made have been the correct ones and especially if we are really comfortable with them.

Those doubts when we again see Thomas on the screen with the memories that he associates and has captured in his game, will detonate the facts that many geekzillos hope to see.

All this twist or loop of life that Thomas’s doubts show us, will make us see that there is something behind what he has developed.


It is precisely this development that will make us think about whether it is time to return to the Matrix 

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The choice is an illusion, you always know what you have to do

The second part of the film will involve a series of analyzes, in which the mysticism of the saga enters its splendor.


After the almost identified return of old enemies, who will make you analyze each decision you have made in your life if it has been the correct one.

This for reasons that many of us hope to see and that we will avoid going into greater detail, will be being answered clearly.

Something that characterizes the saga in Matrix Resurrections is how each section can be reflected in our lives, the most relevant being the one with our heading.


Sometimes we are left with the doubt if the choices they offer us are the right ones or if we have to take the direction of our destiny.

This is what brings us to the general development of this fourth installment of the Matrix.

A part of me tells me that I’ve waited a lifetime for you

Matrix Resurrections offers us fans of the saga a continuity with the action and mysticism always present, but being a bit harsh we will miss familiar faces.


While they will appear present with flashbacks to previous iterations, this may create some conflict for some enthusiasts.

It is worth mentioning that a good part of the production we will notice references to the technical demo, already in fact reviewed live on Geekzilla.Tech of Unreal Engine 5.

Matrix Resurrections 2

In the part of credits comes just the special thanks, where perhaps the new games in the saga are based on this new engine.

If you are wondering if there will be a post-credits scene … we can only say that it will be worth the wait in your favorite movie theater.


So geekzilla tech lovers, you are the architect of your destiny, because if you have dreams that don’t seem like dreams, it’s time to take the red pill.



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