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Riot games amazon services

Riot Games and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have teamed up to transform the way Riot esports content is created and distributed in the cloud. Riot is the first company to use AWS analytics integration for esports broadcasts to reimagine how fans experience League of Legends (LoL), VALORANT, and League of Legends: Wild Rift. As part of this global collaboration, Riot has selected AWS as its official provider of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud machine learning (ML), cloud deep learning (DL), and cloud services. 

“Riot Games has a long-term vision to bring joy to billions of fans around the world through our esports, and we are very excited to work with AWS to level up the Riot Esports experience. AWS’s wide-ranging solutions and expertise will enhance Riot Games’ esports broadcasts and engage esports fans around the world. From reimagining how fans view our events and content, to interacting with other players, AWS unlocks endless opportunities for Riot to shape the future of esports.”

Today, Riot is leveraging AWS services in all of its games to reinvent the way they design and deploy content to help provide players with the best gaming experience possible. Now, Riot is working with AWS to enhance its streams of global esports events throughout each competitive season for LoL Esports, the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), and Wild Rift Esports. As well as the detailed statistics provided to the world’s major sports leagues, Riot will use the broad portfolio of capabilities in the AWS Cloud to offer fans the following new perspectives and experiences: 

The first AWS esports statistics

Riot and AWS will introduce “Stats powered by AWS” during esports streams that will appear before, during, and after Riot’s various global esports broadcasts to educate and inform fans about the key data points that are helping drive a team to victory. Fans will be able to vote on which esports stats will be developed first, which will debut during broadcasts of VALORANT Champions in September 2022 and the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) this fall.


AWS Global Power Rankings

Using AWS analytics capabilities to review competitive play, Riot will release the “AWS Global Power Rankings.” This will create near real-time rankings of the top professional teams from around the world in LoL Esports, VCT, and Wild Rift Esports that will be displayed on-screen during gameplay. 

Pick’em powered by AWS

Esports fans will be able to participate in support challenges throughout the competitive season and earn prizes for correctly selecting the teams that make it to each championship event. Based on AWS machine learning technologies, “Pick’em powered by AWS” will introduce new ways for fans to make team selections based on tournament data and compete for prizes. 

Riot AWS

Power Rankings and/or Pick’em will be a featured project this fall during the hackathon event hosted by Riot and AWS where fan teams will build systems that could be adopted by each sport. Riot and AWS will co-develop an initial version of the platform, then provide participants with AWS capabilities and Riot data to develop and optimize the solution to power esports analytics. 

Global production for a global fan base

Riot and AWS share a vision of bringing esports to fans no matter where they live, how they view it, or what language they speak. To accomplish this, Riot is introducing Project Stryker , a series of cloud-based Remote Broadcast Centers (RBCs) that leverage AWS technologies. This facility will support Riot’s current and future ambitions to reimagine the entertainment experience in numerous areas, in addition to esports and analytics/stats, such as music production, animation and game development. 


These solutions will be scalable to meet the growing needs of its fans, while ushering in a new era of esports content production. Built at strategically located RBCs around the world, Riot Games will use a 50,000-square-foot facility in Dublin, and a second facility in the Seattle area that will become operational later this year, to produce and support live content anywhere. part of the world at any time of the day, regardless of where the event is held. As part of this collaboration, AWS will have exclusive naming rights to each remote broadcast hub. 

Riot AWS

The relationship grows more and more between Riot and AWS

Riot Games and Amazon have collaborated on esports broadcasts on Twitch, as well as Prime Gaming content deliveries for Riot titles. AWS is now a sponsor of Riot Games’ global esports events through LoL Esports and the VALORANT Champions Tour, as well as a founding sponsor of Wild Rift Esports. Additionally, Riot and AWS will also collaborate to develop new social impact programs with the goal of increasing inclusion and access to the competitive esports environment. 

“Our collaboration with Riot Games elevates the entire esports landscape This is a win, win, win for Riot, AWS, and most importantly, the fans. Tournament viewers and teams can now see in real time how different lanes, weapons, and abilities could determine who will become champion, similar to stats used in other sports broadcasts. We look forward to working with Riot to create more immersive entertainment experiences and bring compelling esports content to billions of fans around the world.” 

Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and Services at AWS.

Riot Games is undoubtedly pioneering a major technological revolution, don’t you think so?

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