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See new GOTV, DSTV plans and prices 2022



new dstv plans and prices 2022

Dstv plans and prices in Nigeria

Despite the biting economic condition in the country, the Multichoice company that operates DSTV has effected the new DSTV plans and prices for 2022.  In case you think it is another April fool prank, this is not.

The new Dstv subscription prices came into force on April 1, 2022, to usher in the new month that signals the end of the first quarter.

To save you unnecessary details, see the upwardly reviewed GOTV – DSTV prices and plans 2o22 below.


Please note that only the GOTV Supa Subscription plan maintained the status quo.

ProductsProduct CodeCurrent PriceNew price
Compact PlusCOMPLE361240014250
Premium +XtraviewPRWE36 + Xtraview Access2090023900
Premiumasia +XtraviewPRWASIE36 + HDPVRE362300026400
Premium + FrenchPRWFRNSE362550029300
Premium + French + XtraviewPRWFRNSE36 + HDPVRE362800032200
CompactPlus + AsiaCOMPLE36 + ASIADDE361860021350
CompactPlus + Asia +XtraviewCOMPLE36 + ASIADDE36 + HDPVRE362110024250
CompactPlus + French TouchCOMPLE36 + FRN7E361470016900
CompactPlus + French PlusCOMPLE36 + FRN15E362050023550
CompactPlus + French Plus +XtraviewCOMPLE36 + FRN15E36 + HDPVRE362300026450
CompactPlus + XtraviewCOMPLE361490017150
Compact + AsiaCOMPE36 + ASIADDE361410016100
Compact + French TouchCOMPE36 +FRN7E361020011650
Compact +XtraviewCOMPE36 + HDPVRE361040011900
Compact + French Touch +XtraviewCOMPE36 + FRN7E36 + HDPVRE361270014550
Compact + Asia +XtraviewCOMPE36+ ASIADDE36 + HDPVRE361660019000
Compact + French PlusCOMPE36 + FRN15E361600018300
Confam + XtraviewNNJ2E36 + HDPVRE3671158200
Yanga + XtraviewNNJ1E36 + HDPVRE3650655850
Padi + XtraviewNLTESE36 + HDPVRE3643505050
DStv HDPVR Access Service E36HDPVRE3625002900
DStv French Plus Add-on Bouquet E36FRN15E3681009300
DStv Asian Add-on Bouquet E36ASIADDE3662007100
DStv French Touch Add-on Bouquet E36FRN7E3623002650
Xtraview Access25002900
Dstv Great Wall standalone BouquetGWALLE3615001725
French 11 Bouquet E36FRN11E3632604100
Box Office650800
Box Office (New Premier Price)XXXX1100
GOTv Products
Lite (Quarterly)GOLITE21002400
Lite (Annual)GOLITE62007000

One thing to note however is, that you don’t have to pay the new DSTV plans and prices in 2022. It can actually wait till 2023 if you lock the price offer.

With the price lock, you are able to still continue paying the old subscription rate for the next one year.
This offer is for only DSTV subscribers whose accounts are active by 31st March 2022. ‘


To benefit from magnanimity, all you need to do is renew your current DStv subscription before your due date.

This way, you can enjoy your old subscription for another four years.

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gotv dstv plans and prices

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