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TikTok Awards 2022: winners, presentations and more



Yesterday one of the best events of the year was experienced and that is just beginning, it is the first edition of the Tiktok Awards. Where all the fans asserted their voice and voted for their favourites content creators.

The fun, the emotions, the glamor and a parade of big stars have made this first edition an unforgettable episode, where the warmth and support of the TikTok community made this event a special moment:  more than 25 million votes  were cast. issued by the people to choose the winners of 18 categories, including those that highlighted Fav of Gaming, Fav Athlete and Celebrity of the year, recognizing their ingenuity, charisma and great personality.

Music and  beats  could not be missing on a night as epic as the Tiktok Awards: the sounds of  Farruko, Camilo, Humbe, Leon Leiden and Bruses  were in charge of creating the  perfect soundtrack  for the award ceremony.

Kimberly Loaiza synonymous with flow at the TikTok Awards

Although if we are talking about surprises,   Kimberly Loiaza’s flow set the stage on fire thanks  to  a performance that will remain engraved in the memory of her followers, and one that we are sure will be talked about for a long time, and that is that the  “Lindura Mayor” She was the queen of the night after receiving a special award  for having broken the world record for the most viewed live on TikTok, something that  has put her on a par with figures such as Justin Bieber, The Weekend and J Balvin . Unlike the other awards given, Kimberly’s trophy stood out for being black.


“ We started the year on the right foot. The #TikTokAawards managed to engage the community like we’ve rarely seen before. Your participation and support for your favorite creators is what has made this award so wonderful. We are very happy to have held an event that celebrates the diversity and enthusiasm of millions, and that recognizes the great talent that is generated on the platform every day ”, says Cynthia Cervantes, Sr. Marketing Manager, Spanish Speaking Latam.

And here we present to… The winners of the TikTok Awards!

But after all this, who were the big winners of the night? The TikTok community did their part, throwing their weight behind to help their favorite creators win the coveted trophy.

We present the winners of each category:

  • fav of entertainment
    • @ibarrechejavier  – Mexico
  • Fav of the Flavor
    • @robegrill  – Mexico
  • Fav of Knowledge
    • @historiaparatontos  – Mexico
  • fav of makeup
    • @dorisjocelyn  – Mexico
  • fav of gaming
    • @el.pollofrito  – Mexico
  • Fav Gamer Online
    • @ely.bells  – Ecuador
  • fav athlete
    • @rommel_pacheco  – Mexico
  • fav of sport
    • @guerreroskida  – Argentina
  • fav of fitness
    • @sofialarios_  – Mexico
  • Fav Emerging Artist
  • Fav Artist on TikTolk
    • @camilo
  • Fav Music Trend
  • Fav Celebrity of the Year
    • @ederbez  – Mexico
  • fav of favs 2021
    • @soybans  – Colombia
  • fav of comedy
    • @sarumaoficial  – Colombia
  • Fav of Fashion
    • @valeaguima  – Mexico
  • fav of the hack
    • @pongamoslo_a_proba  – Mexico
  • fav of the live
    • @saelmaldonado  – Mexico

To relive this event and enjoy all its events, the  @tiktok_español account will  broadcast the event for 24 hours, where each award ceremony, musical presentation and comments from the creators can be seen again.

It has been a year of many emotions and surprises, and everything indicates that 2022 will come more full of talent and creativity than ever; creators have begun to carry out new ideas to make the community fall in love and be worthy of recognition at the next TikTok Awards. See you at the next annual award!

Tell us, which was the Latin American content creator that earned your vote at the 2022 TikTok Awards?

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