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What is Trending on Twitter Today ( March 14 )



Twitter Trending Topics Today

You do not have to get on the bird app to have an overview of What is trending on Twitter Nigeria daily.

Techscoops keeps track of the latest Twitter trending topics and hashtags through out the day locally.  This way, you can easily check the trending Twitter topics for the day including the most talked about.

Today’s Top Twitter Trending Nigeria topics

Ronaldo, Arsenal, Messi, Wike, Rene


Ronaldo’s record-breaking hattrick of Sunday is still a hot and most talked about topic worldwide. However, in Nigeria, pop singer Davido is leading the table.

Why is Davido Trending on Twitter

The singer has fired warnings to critics that mock him stating that it is alright to say anything to him but no one should talk negatively about his children.  This is exactly the reason the 30BG singer is trending on Twitter.

Hottest Twitter Trends Nigeria right now

Davido, Mdee, #ASUU, #CRYMCI𓃵, #MondayMotivation.


As earlier mentioned, the hottest Twitter topic is OBO Davido. The E Choke Token endorsee is not taking a chill pill concerning personal matters.

Top Twitter Trends For Nigeria for Nigeria Now

If you are looking for the number 1 trend on Twitter right now and exactly what is trending in Lagos, look no further than Techscoops, the top tech blog in Nigeria delivering the latest tech updates around the clock including Geekzilla tech updates, Tiktok awards 2022 and much more.

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what is trending on Twitter right now, entities trending in Nigeria today and even the trending on Twitter Nigeria of yesterday.


Having shared with you the top 10 trending in Nigeria today including the Twitter Nigeria news from which you can get information by extension to cover what is trending on Twitter worldwide, you can easily share this piece of valuable information with friends.

Top Twitter trends in Nigeria is always available here. Stay tuned.

Get acquainted with Techscoops for the topics that are creating buzz massively on the Twitter social media app including Trending Spaces.

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