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Witch Doctor’s Bees Arrest Cattle Thieves



Cow in Kenya

Cattle thief surrenders police after being cuffed by bees sent by a witch doctor

A dramatic scene was recorded at Makutano police station in Embu, Kenya, after two men walked in to surrender a cow they stole from one of the locals.

One of the suspects who was cuffed by bees, kept screaming as he sat at the police station.


According to the police, a report had been made at the station on November 3, concerning theft of livestock belonging to one Miss Lilian Waithera.

Shocked police officers invited Miss Lilian to the station after the men walked to the station with the cow.


Lilian confirmed that the cow tied to a tree at the station was hers by saying “This is my cow, and it was stolen two days ago.”


Also confirming the incident, the area Assistant Chief Mr. Daniel Kiama Maina identified the suspects as Phillip Wekesa 32, and Mwamba Ili aged 25.

Maina said;


“I am told that the suspects had tried to sell the cow at the Makutano market, but did not find a buyer. That was before the bees shepherded them to the station where they surrendered the cow.”

Lilian later admitted that she sought the services of a witchdoctor to help her find the stolen cow.


The witchdoctor was later invited to the station to free the suspects from the spell and allow the police investigate the incident.

Upon arriving the police station, the witchdoctor commanded the bees back into the bag he was carrying before casually walking away.

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